Are you ready for the truth? | Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tickets are available

The big moment has arrived! The countdown is over, today starts the presale of tickets for the TEDx Alexandroupolis

The ticket costs 50 euros! Only 100 tickets will be issued !!! Mark your calendar on March 11 and join us to explore together the year's theme, "Are you ready for the truth? - Are you ready for the truth? ». Together we will try to find out whether we are ready for the truth through stories and ideas of people with the works or their way of life marked the progress of their communities, countries and the world whole in the past or aspiring to the mark in this and future.

At the scene of the second edition of TEDx Alexandroupolis will accommodate, among other personalities from the art robotics, architecture, journalism, education and entrepreneurship creativity and restless spirit shaping developments in their field of action and finally, in our world today.

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