Are you ready for the truth? | Saturday, March 11, 2017
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Pavlos Evmorfidis

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The naked abundance of the Laconian field is my birthplace. I have an everlasting yearning for knowledge but I pride myself only for knowledge that cannot be taught. I am insatiable for new travels, which makes me supremely rich. My wisdom is the price for my mistakes. One companion, four children, my brother and a handful of friends are the source of my inexhaustible inspiration.

I long to reach out for the unknown and for everything that resists it’s unravelling. I have been walking this world for more than half a century being constantly at war with tallow until I transform myself into pure energy. COCO-MAT is merely a stop in my life’s journey.

My destination is the salty taste of seaweed in my mouth, the shaking of the leaves at noon, the gasp of my lungs when I try to climbthat steep road, the love that blooms between two quadriceps and two bicycle wheels, the bursting laugh in the dead of night

The naked abundance of the Laconian field.