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Sophia Madouvalou

Sophia Madouvalou, dreaming, writing and acting for more than three decades to create a better self and a better world, has played a very active part both in the fields of children’s literature and education. Born in Athens in 1949, she early on made two inseparable friends: Imagination and Humour. Her studies in developmental psychology, educational technology and film directing helped her realize that without humour, imagination and creative expression, education cannot mould and shape creative and happy people.

Over the many years she has written for children and worked in Educational RadioTelevision promoting children’s literature in schools with more than100 programmes, she has succeeded in combining the imaginary and real elements of life, mixing the visionary with the everyday. From her first illustrated book, DoReMiFaSolLaSi (Mrs Music’s Little House, 1982) till the most recent, The Butterfly Garden (2013), her contribution to children’s literature has numbered some 70 titles.