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Anastasios Markouizos

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«Iaveris» - also known as Anastasios Markouizos. Top rally driver, a recognised one but also recognisable from many aspects. It is his social sensitivity that distinguishes him, his image of a fighter, his conscious attitude to problems when others remain indifferent. He is the one who has been trying for years to transmit his concerns and experience of the road to all. This is the reason he founded the Iaveris Safe Driving School with a sole purpose to transfer deep knowledge to those interested. The School awakens and informs 40.000 - 50.000 students every year. Iaveris has been the author of four books on Driving Behaviour and Safety (National Issue, National Mourning, Ignorance of Ignorance, Foolishness Pandemic) which have been distributed free of charge in at least 1.000.0000 copies. At the same time, he has a constant presence on television, radio and online media in his effort to continue the awareness process.