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Anastasia Spyridou

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Anastasia Spyridou is almost 53 years old, she grew up in Thessaloniki and she is a maid. She is married with Vaggelis Tsiakiroudis, a lovely person and she is mother of Lia, Sofia and Nasia!

She lives and works in Alexandroupolis the last 28 years! 14 years ago, after the necessary permission from her husband, she got into an “affair” with a new “life partner”, that she wishes to stay together for many-many years to come! So there it was, cancer in her life…

It confused her, it changed her, it redefined her, but never destroyed her!

10 years ago, people that crossed paths with it also, founded the organisation “Keep GOing” where she holds the position of Chairwoman for 8 years now. What she realised is that CANCER IS NOT INVINCIBLE! It can conquer your body, but if YOU decide it, it CANNOT conquer you life also. She says “I keep GOing with GO in capitals, I am glad I grow up and I long impatiently to meet my first grandchild in three months!!!