Are you ready for the truth? | Saturday, March 11, 2017

Standup Comedy

standupIra Katsouda and Andreas Paspatis. “Show me your friend”. The stand up comedy duo that excited public and critics comes to TEDxAlexandroupolis! After the successful stand up comedy show “The comedians” for Institute Mihalis Kakogiannis in Athens and the last year’s sold out performances across Greece, Ira Katsouda and Andreas Katsoudas present a sample of their new material in TEDxAlexandroupolis. Renewed and extremely resourceful in their new and super fresh performance “Show mr your friend”, they get sarcastic, talk about peoples’ moments, strange moments, fears, friendships, everyday issues and personal stories, projected through the comedian eye. An amazing stand up comedy performance with a unique sense of humour!

Some details about the comedians:

Ira Katsouda is a professional stand up comedian since 2006. She has acted in theatres, multiplex and small independent stages across Greece. In 2012 she wrote in cooperation with D. Valsamidis and enacted the sold out show “THE MARRIAGE” which was played for 2 years in Thessaloniki. She works as an actor and advertisement writer. She organises Open Mic nights. She has studied Economics (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), classic music, dance and acting (Studio Fleming).

Andreas Paspatis started his professional occupation in comedy in 2007. He has acted in theatre plays and bars in Greece and England and has cooperated with distinguished Greek and foreign comedians. Founder and chairman of Comedy Society of Brunnel University, he delivers stand up comedy workshops, organises open mic nights and has taken part in acts of Comedy Central of London. He has studied Computer Informatics (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and Game Design (Brunel University London).